Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Youth Council create a Youth Space and Great Music for the Festival!

There will be a strong Youth focus and some great entertainment thanks to the hard work of Wellington Shire Youth Council

The Wellington Shire Youth Council will be running stalls that assist with the education of sustainability, but also provide positive outlooks for success and promotion. The Youth Council will be looking at the terms Refuse, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle, and Repair.

The stalls will coincide with these terms, and will educate young people on how they can be proactive in each of these fields.

The Youth Council will also have a ‘Youth Space’ that will allow young people to get together in ‘festival’ style. This space will be created with recycled materials, the focus being bean bags created from recycled clothing, filled with shredded paper. 

The Youth Council will be encouraging local young musicians and bands to become involved in Earth Fest. This will help to provide a positive atmosphere to attendees, but will also showcase young talent from the area.

The Stage will be operating from 12:00 – 5:00 pm, with 45 minute sets. The bands will be encouraged to provide audience participation, and will be acknowledged for their contributions to the event. The stage will provide for many different styles and genre, and will be a focal point for the event.

1 clr logo2There will also be busking during the Festival, which will be located in two different locations of the ground, and as attendees walk through there will be a crossover and flow of music. Buskers will be playing for one hour with a 15 minute overlap, in the other location, at either end of their set. This will provide for 30 minutes of solo time, and a fifteen minute cross over when the begin and end, this will cater for any delays and also contribute to a successful flow. 

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