Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buy Green Gippsland Survey

Gippsland Climate Change Network is working with WSG, Wellington Shire and EcoBuy to prepare Climate Communities funding application for a green purchasing project.

Buy Green Gippsland is a proposed new program to help local communities buy products which are better for the environment, and it would be great if you could spare a couple of minutes to complete a very simple (and short) online survey letting us know what you think.  Your answers will be kept confidential, and will help GCCN gauge the level of community interest in the program. Just click on this link to complete the survey by 5 April

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Autumn 2011 Vegie Open Garden Tour

Perhaps you missed out on our fabulous Vegie Open Garden Tour on Saturday 5th March, or perhaps you just want to re-live the memories.  You can check-out photos and some garden gossip via this link to our Facebook page:
(WSG Facebook) 2011 Autumn Vegie Open Garden Tour